How do I get money in Japan, do I need a credit card or traveller checks?

All post office ATM’s accept international Debit and Credit cards. For a Dutch Debit card from the postbank, the maximum amount per day you can obtain is 100.000 yen. For people with a cash limit of 500 Euro per day, the equivilent of 500 Euro is your limit (Some Rabobank accounts). Please note, your ATM card must be enabled for use outside of Europe. Please ask your bank. About traveller checks, do not bother with them. They are bothersome and can only be exchanged at banks. They will typically only speak English at a Citibank branch. Try finding one… Some Citibank ATM’s work 24/7 some 7/11 bank (in 7/11 or 7&i stores) work 24/7. Postal Savings ATM’s are usually in operation from 7 till 7. Money can sometimes not be obtained from ATM’s on 1-3 January and or on other Japanese holidays.