You guys are WAY too expensive!

Hey, that’s not a question. But, to answer it anyway, we’re not, really. We get a reasonably low rate without fuss on a premier carrier. We fly direct or with a hassle free transfer and will not stay in a broom closet as hotel or apartment. You CAN book a little cheaper yourself, if you’d like. But, then you would be flying with an indirect flight or one that has a long or inconvenient transfer. If you really want a room so small the door can’t even open because of the bed being in the way, please check Google for Newkoyo in Tokyo. It’s slightly cheaper then what we do, but, we at least aim for: Your own shower/bath/toilet, your own TV/Internet connection and an air conditioner in your room (which is rather convenient if we travel during Spring, Summer or Autumn). If you can do with 1 PC for 20-30 folks, no air conditioner, 1 person bed sized rooms, communal shower and toilet to be shared with 30 persons, be our guest. Otherwise, we will be cheaper.