About Shiranai Travel

No, we are not. However, we request you to pay us as late as the flight operator allows us and usually produce an e-ticket or other proof for you, within 10 business days. Also, we do not book the major part of the holiday ourselves, but we book it "in your name" with Jalpak or an other travel agency that IS a member of ANVR/SGR. Jalpak or this other travel agency, who's name we will inform you of before payment is needed, is the first person to complain to, when something is wrong with your flight or Railpass and sometimes, one or two hotels.

Well, your ticket and the hotels you pay in advance are covered with ANVR/SGR warrantee by travel agency they are booked at. Your railpass voucher is covered by the Japan Railpass program. The rest of the hotels and apartments, you pay "On Site". So, for the part that CAN go wrong and would cost you the most, you are covered. For the other bits, if we fail to deliver, you still have your money and can find accommodations on your own, with relative ease. But, since one of our representatives is with you, he or she will find a proper solution for you all, as this person also needs to sleep somewhere.

Hey, that's not a question. But, to answer it anyway, we're not, really. We get a reasonably low rate without fuss on a premier carrier. We fly direct or with a hassle free transfer and will not stay in a broom closet as hotel or apartment. You CAN book a little cheaper yourself, if you'd like. But, then you would be flying with an indirect flight or one that has a long or inconvenient transfer. If you really want a room so small the door can't even open because of the bed being in the way, please check Google for Newkoyo in Tokyo. It's slightly cheaper then what we do, but, we at least aim for: Your own shower/bath/toilet, your own TV/Internet connection and an air conditioner in your room (which is rather convenient if we travel during Spring, Summer or Autumn). If you can do with 1 PC for 20-30 folks, no air conditioner, 1 person bed sized rooms, communal shower and toilet to be shared with 30 persons, be our guest. Otherwise, we will be cheaper.

No, we do not. The extra charge we ask you to pay (Approx. €10,-) covers: Part of our printing cost. Part of the web hosting (if we organise 2 trips a year and have a combined total of 24 persons at least, then all costs might be covered). We do on occasion, get a larger apartment offered for our representatives for the price of a small one by the Apartment rental organisation in Japan or we sometimes get a discount on the representatives air fare or he or she gets a better seat for the same amount. This is hardly a recurring thing though.

Nothing. We from Shiranai Travel are the consultants. We do not get paid. At all. OK, I'll be honest, if we do have some money left over from the €10 we request you to pay, the representatives will receive a free can of coffee. Which is about the amount that would be left over. Should we, by some miracle have more left then this, the representatives will spend it on a round of soft drinks for all involved to bring this amount totally back to zero. We are non-profit and proud to be so.

It's someone from Shiranai Travel who has been in Japan at least 3 times. They will know the basics of survival in Japan and will be there to help you if you need questions answered.

No. We have fairly normal jobs. However, some people enjoy collecting rubber stamps. We enjoy travelling. Far away. Also, since we want to go to Japan or Australia anyway, we thought it would be a good idea to try and make it cheaper by getting as many people as possible to come along and get discounts on flights and apartments, instead of just going with 3-4 people and paying full price.

We do not make a profit. Also, we can be cheaper because we are not part of ANVR/SGR. Which saves us 10.000 a year in costs. Which is also WHY we don't really want your money anytime sooner then absolutely necessary.

Well, YOU might be, but we have travellers from all over Europe join us. So far folks from: The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, The UK and Luxembourg. You can't seriously think that all these people would understand Dutch. So, in order to accommodate everyone as much as possible, we've switched to a language most Europeans can understand, at least partially. If you have any questions to ask us, you are free to do so in: Dutch, French, English, German or Danish. We will reply to you in Dutch or English. Use the travel@ address for your questions.

Well, the address is fake, because of one simple reason: SPAM. We do not want our customers to receive tons of spam mail. If you would like the e-mail address of one of our customers to ask him/her a question, we will also not give that to you because of privacy reasons. We are, however, willing to forward your e-mail to the person in question, if we can. Then the person in question can choose if he or she wants to reply or not. And yes, should we get a really negative customer and you want to ask him/her a question, we'd also be delighted to forward mail to him/her.