Before on holiday

Read this FAQ and our travel guide. Everyone will receive it, at least in a PDF version, in advance.

You need a real Passport. Not just any other travel document. Your Passport needs to be valid AFTER leaving Japan.

No. Produce and meat and dairy products are not allowed into Japan or most other countries. They will be confiscated. Flowers and bulbs too.

Sure, but get a statement in English from your doctor.

Make sure your bank card works in Japan or other country we might be visiting (ask your bank). Make sure you have a power converter or plug with you for your electronic equipment. In Japan they use 100 volts and US plugs. In other countries, they may use different plugs or voltage. For example, in Australia they use 230 volts and a special type of plug called an I-Plug.

In general, not more then clothes for a week. They do have washing machines in the apartments. Wash your stuff (regularly, you are bunking with others, mind body odour). In the summer: Plenty of airy stuff. It's warm. But don't forget a light jacket. Some days may be chilly. In the winter: It's about the same as in Holland / central Europe.

In Japan, people from Europe get a standard 90 day visa without too much hastle. Make sure you mention you are on holiday/sight seeing. In other cases, we may need to request a Visa for you. We'll let you know.

It's imperative we have your passport information and a scanned copy of it, at least 2 months prior to departure. The reason for this is that in Japan, all people that rent rooms, being hotels, apartments or private persons, must be able to produce a copy of the passports of the foreign residents they have in their accommodation. We send this information in advance to the main offices of our accommodation owners and print out copies to hand in at our destination accommodation to speed up the registration process considerably. This is especially essential if we travel in larger groups where check-in, even with our precautions may take up to 30 minutes. Please take into consideration how long it might take if we do not fill out forms and attach necessary documents in advance.

Well, you need to, because otherwise, we need to do this at the station we are picking up your Japan Railpasses. Again, this is a measure to save us a lot of time.